Monday, November 19, 2007

TV Night

I've never had a TV night before, because I've never watched enough TV to warrant one. But now, Monday is my TV night, due to How I Met Your Mother and Heroes being on.

I was disappointed in TV night long before the writer's strike, and now I will take time from my busy schedule to tell you why, as if you care.

Lazy writing.

First off--Characters behaving in out of character ways. Predominantly, I've been pleased with this season's How I Met Your Mother, with the large exception of Lily's credit card thing. I mean, please. We've been led to believe that Marshall and Lily tell each other EVERYTHING. We've seen whole episodes that revolved around this idea, where Marshall recounts for her what it was like to brush his teeth and then drink orange juice. It is just not believable to me that she has kept a secret this large from him.

But mostly I have a problem with this season's Heroes.
What is going on with that show? Last season it was, like, the best television I'd ever seen. Now it's some of the most convoluted, bizarrely justified nonsense.

1. Last week, we caught up on the last 4 months as Peter remembered them. Except that we learned an awful lot about Nikki and DL. Which is curious, as how could Peter be remembering all that? Sloppy, sloppy writing.

2. Was it me, or did Micah actually say, "Wow, you're really a hero now, Dad!" To which DL replied, "I guess I am"? Because, retch. Ditto to Matt's confrontation with his father.

3. I hate the border crossing, eye-bleeding twins. That is not a power, and they are so boring to me that I want to die whenever they are on screen. Sylar better figure out how to off them soon.

4. I also hate the whole Molly Walker story line. Mohinder and Matt's constant bickering makes me wish they would just kiss already. And under what circumstances would Mohinder EVER turn Molly over to the Company? I don't think so.

5. And why is Peter in love with this Irish chick we just met five seconds ago? I'm not buying it.

6. And while we're talking about things that are poorly justified--some dude KILLS DL because he removes Nikki from a club. Come on, now.

Things I do like: Adam, the alchemist (Bob), Nathan, and West. But that's all.

TV night had better rock tonight.

edited at 10:27 to add that tonights TV rocked. Perhaps I should blog diatribes against my favorite TV shows more often.

And this is for Tom, who thinks we've all gone soft and don't say it enough: Fuck.


steph said...

seriously on the heroes! i have hated this season so far...last week should have been the first epeisode! and those twins! ugh! i iwsh they would just bleed out already. boooo!!!

Jonathan said...

I loved the first series of Heroes, and have not started watching the second series yet.

I always feared it would end up becoming the same unintelligible drivel that Twin Peaks achieved all those years ago.

Lauren said...

I made Jason read this becuase I dont watch Heroes but he does, and he said, "agree, on every point."

I usually sit on the couch reading while Jason watches and I do have to say that I cannot stand that little Molly girl. Every time she comes on I want to set the TV on fire.

T. said...

Don't curse. My children read this.

Wait...I don't have kids, but if I did, they would this.

penelope said...

Megs, did you read the EW article about Heroes, where the creator basically apologized for this season so far, and explained all the reasons why he felt it didn't work? Thought it was interesting, and at least they're aware of the problem.,,20158840,00.html