Friday, November 09, 2007

My Car Hates Me

So, I got out of work today and drove to the bank, like I always do on Friday. I parked the car, deposited my paycheck, got back in the car and my gearshift (automatic) was locked in park.

I assumed that I'd made some sort of idiotic operator error. I tried getting out of the car, getting back in and trying again; I muttered incantations; I attempted to wrench it free from park. Nothing.

At this time, I was in a bank parking lot EXACTLY across the street from our usual mechanic, but had no way to move the car to the mechanic's. So, Thomas came for me, and we went across the street to call a towtruck to tow my car 100 feet.

The towtruck man showed up, stuck my key into a secret hidey hole by the gearshift, unlocked it and told me to have a nice day. Love, love, love for the towtruck man.

But now it locks EVERY single time I put the car in park. I have to manually unlock the gearshift every time.

What do you think, people who are more knowledgeable about this than I (by which I mean everyone)? Is it ok? Should I have it fixed? What, exactly, is the problem?


Why me?

In other news, I have a fine new haircut and my dad is coming to visit next week. Hurrah!


Amanda said...


(sorry, Friday has apparently turned me into a lolcat.)

Andrea Q. said...

Yay for haircut and visits from Dads!

...Bummer about the car, though. Hell if I know. I'm terrible about such things.