Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Can't Do It

I can't. There's nothing to blog about today. I tried to write something amusing about how we ran out of dog food today and the dogs nearly resorted to cannibalism. I tried to write about how Thomas and I are five years old and think it's hilarious to point it out when people say 'joint' or 'box' or the like. But nothing is coming out funny. I'm just a tired girl who had a long day.

I can't even find a funny picture to post.

Just now, I finally answered the 1-888- number that has been calling this house during dinner for the last 3 weeks. The person on the other end claimed to be from AT&T and asked for Me-han (that's a new one). When I agreed to be Me-han, at least for the moment, he asked how my computer was working. I said, "Just fine," and he wished me a nice evening and hung up. WTF?

Here's one final thought for you: Once, my friend, Michelle, and I decided to start a blog about public bathrooms, because we love them. Not horrible rest-stop bathrooms, but swanky restaurant bathrooms. Yeah, it never really got off the ground, thought I've filled up my computer with pictures of bathrooms from all over downtown.


Amanda said...

I am also tired and uninspired today. I have a list of topics that I was planning to use when I felt uninspired, but I didn't plan for being too tired to put together a post.

But I am inspired by your uninspiration and I will come up with something to write anyway. Thanks. =)

Also, maybe you should just have a bathrooms photoset on Flickr or something?

r8chel said...

The caller could have at least asked you if your refrigerator was running or something. :o)

Andrea Q. said...

I couldn't do it today, either. Or the last four, really. Not. Motivated. Instead? Cranky. And yet, can't seem to do an adequate job explaining why.

Kim said...

Hello, Me-han. Everyone pronounces my new last name O-ha, instead of O-jah, but I rarely correct them because it makes me feel vaguely multicultural.

j. shelton said...

you've been tagged!

see my blog for instructions.

be cool.