Friday, November 30, 2007

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Came home from work in full panic mode today--my student teacher quit rather unceremoniously this morning and it threw off my whole day. Am I a terrible teacher? Am I mean? What?

Fortunately, good sense won out and I called Michelle who made me laugh until it felt like Friday again. There's nothing like having a conversation in which you discuss the terrible and the mundane, reassure one another, have a horrible realization, and end it all in hysterics.

Random questions of the day: Why are people who sell cheese and fish called "-mongers" but no one else is? And what makes some fish sashimi grade?

P.S. NaBloPoMo is over. My forced Bataan Death March of blogging, as my friend Bernie so wittily called it, has come to an end. I did it! Again.


Thomas Brock said...

Good job, Meg!

Are you interested in NaPhotoPoMo?

The plan is for February so you'll have recovery time.

Amanda said...

Yay, we made it! And also, I think the -monger suffix should be used far more often. I think I will make a conscious effort to use it in the future. Like, you know who is going to get me my drink at Dunkin Donuts today? A coffeemonger!

Jonathan said...

Days that start out really badly have a habit of turning around, don't they. I tend to think it's because of us. We turn them around.