Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cool Whip Tastes Good

It seriously does. I know it's a chemical and not any kind of food product, but I don't care.

So, all day I've been stressing about what to write about today. 3 things sprang to mind and I already used one up.

1. Dude, MANDISA?! I thought she was terrible on Tuesday, but not THAT terrible. Not any kind of terrible compared to the ongoing horror of Ace, Kellie and Bucky. I mean, I guess I didn't vote for her on Tuesday night...but it was just as a fake punishment, an imaginary slap on the wrist ("You were so bad that Megsie from North Carolina didn't vote for you. Better shape up!"), not as some sort of indication that I wanted her to leave the show. I feel chastened by the voting process and saddened that I have to live the next 8 weeks without Mandisa. Was it because they showed her butt in jeans? Why, God, why?

2. So I've been gardening. We just moved into this house in October and I didn't have time to do anything to the yard before winter. I declared April 1st to be the beginning of spring and I've planted my favorite plant (Lantana) and hung my favorite hanging baskets (Portulaca), seeded generously with wildflowers and set up beds in the front. I've lined the walkways with Liriope (monkey grass--but isn't Liriope a wonderful name? I wish it were my name) and potted some New Guinea Impatiens--hey, I've even decided to try to grow eggplants this year. But why? I was excited today to get home from work and fertilize all my new plants. I took my only free time on Tuesday to go buy more plants and there's so much dirt embedded under my nails that no matter how I scrub I just look disreputable. I keep having to encounter worms with my hands and yet I keep on as if this is some sort of fun or soothing activity. I can't figure out if it is fun, or if I just tell myself that it's fun because I have to keep the house looking nice and the only time to do that is on the weekends. Therefore, if I'm spending my weekend time on it, it must be fun. Like getting drunk.

That's all for today.

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I like Mandisa in her jeans!! DietTips