Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Shirt is Famous

My shirt was on TV last night.

I was mindlessly watching some weird new show starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus when all of a sudden I saw--MY SHIRT! I felt like leaping up to make sure it was still in my dresser. I had no idea I owned anything that could be on television. I don't even buy the stuff that makes it into the cheesy Old Navy commercials. (Old Navy commercials do not fall into my "lovable camp" catagory. They are listed under "trying too hard to be hip and bizarre"). Anyway, I've searched all afternoon for a picture of said shirt (a fine use of my time) but there aren't any, because the shirt is two seasons old. Why was a television character wearing a two seasons ago shirt I bought at Sears?


Today is a bad allergy day. I'm still two days away from my spring break, which is near about killing me. I've gone since January 2nd without a day off and I am tired. Little kids will suck the life out of you. I spent today trying to keep Colby from rubbing her bloody nose all over one of my few nice, bought-at-NY&Company, this-season shirts. I had to explain to a parent that I could not give his child any grades this marking period because the kid hadn't turned in any work for 5 weeks. I had to clean up spilled tomato soup off the floor (harder than it sounds).

I'm ready for a nap.


Kim said...

I once had a similar experience with a shirt I bought at Marshall's. I think I saw Julia Roberts wearing it. And I was like, sweet, Julia Roberts shops at Marshall's. Then I realized she probably didn't, and that made me feel even better, like my shirt had been some awesome designer buy that had accidentally gotten mixed in to the "slightly burned" shipment allocated to Marshall's.

penelope said...

I had this happen to me once while I was watching "My Name is Earl," and it was Joy who was wearing the same tank top I had purchased at Target. I was like, oh great, I wear the same clothes as a character who is a parody of the trailer park cliche. Greeeeat.

daisy said...

I find that Lorelai Gilmore and I often wear the same clothes. I wasn't sure how to feel when she was sporting my fake fur Juicy hooded jacket on a recent episode. I think, in the end though, I just decided to go with it. I mean, who's cooler than Lorelai Gilmore?