Saturday, April 22, 2006

Not My Fault

So, it seems to me that I've been posting for the last two weeks about all my faults: afraid of zombies, compelled to make weird noises, can't dance a jig.

Today I thought I would take a break from this self abuse to give Wilmingtonians a public service announcement:

New Hanover County Library Book Sale!

And this is not just discarded library books--they are selling off books that people have donated to help them make money. There are really good, current books there for 50 cents to a dollar. This is my favorite time of year!

If you go today you have to pay 15 dollars for a membership (worth it for next time and totally worth it to get in on the first day before everything has been picked over). But tomorrow through the rest of the week is free to the public. Prices go down toward the end of the week, but so does the quality.

It's at the library on Military Cutoff, near the forum and it runs today from 9-3. Run! Run to the library book sale!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


T. said...

books are hot.

T. said...

2 days later and books are still hot.

penelope said...

Yes they are. I could have spent all day there.