Friday, April 07, 2006

I Can See You Like the Filet of Fish Sandwich

Has anyone seen this commercial? The girl is blindfolded and the guy is feeding her strawberries. He starts to feed her french fries and ends up eating them himself. Then, out of nowhere, a knowing voice says, over a picture of the sandwich, "I can see you like the filet of fish sandwich." Is there ANY explanation for this except the one in my dirty, dirty mind? I mean, come on, all sex books advocate the "sensual" evening, the blindfold!! The girl in the commercial is clearly performing some kind of sexual act and THEN! That voice! I can see you like the filet of fish sandwich!! It's driving me crazy. Every time it comes on I start ranting about how there can be NO OTHER EXPLANATION.

McDonalds has had several inexplicable commercials this year, including the one where the guy puts his change in a jar and the whole shelf collapses, when the commercial is for 2 sandwiches for 2 dollars---for which there would be NO change. I feel that they are just trying in vain to compete with Burger King's Greatest Commericals on Earth. I am such a massive fan of the king that I keep his mask in my kitchen for easy access. I can be the king whenever I want. My friends think that this is just a symptom of some mental illness I've developed and that the king commercials are creepy, but that's why I love them. There's a terrific element of creepiness which just makes me want to consume fast food. Or at least pretend to be fast food icons.

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