Monday, April 24, 2006

Splenda=the Devil

Back to PSA mode...

A few years ago while I still had the benefit of free inspection by the incompetent (yet sometimes right) UNCW health services, I found out that I was developing diabetes. This came as no enormous shock, as it runs pretty strongly through both sides of my family. But being that at that time I had no health insurance (still don't!) the doctors recommended a low carb diet for controlling my blood sugar. It worked like a charm. Most of the horrifying pre-diabetes symptoms (some too graphic to mention) disappeared right away, I stopped fainting in public and lost about 60 pounds. Excellent. I heart Dr. Atkins and still do.

One of the things that has made my transition from whole-pizza-wolfer-downer to slimmer, more healthy, no-sugar eating Megs has been Splenda. Dr. Atkins loved Splenda, and the Atkins craze seemed to cause all companies to begin using it. Ice cream returned to my life and angels sang. My whole family relies on it to help us stay honest and not rot our feet off (diabetes is so great. Yay.)

This weekend I went to a party at my friend's house--where I drunkenly allowed myself to be henna-tattooed, but that's another story--and I met a girl there who is allergic to Splenda. She began telling me about her panic attacks, heart palpatations, dry eyes...a whole slew of symptoms. I immediately called my sister over because she eats a ton of Splenda and has a ton of these symptoms. She found out today after some research that not only are those and other neurological and cardiological symptoms typical of a Splenda allergy, but that it could also explain fluctuations in her hormones causing her to stop getting her period and start bizarrely losing and gaining weight.

So beware!

This PSA brought to you by a Megs who will dearly miss her Splenda ice cream.

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